Charges Dropped Against Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal, one of the featured presenters at Big Apple Party’s PROPAGANDA: How Propaganda Manufactures Consent on November 19, 2019, had false charges of “simple assault” against him dropped by the US Government. Journalist Max Blumenthal, who had been arrested on a 5-month-old warrant and jailed for nearly two days on trumped up charges, was exonerated when the U.S. Government dropped the bogus charges against him.

“The Grayzone has learned that Secret Service call logs recorded during the alleged incident were either not kept or destroyed. The mysteriously missing evidence included print documents and radio recordings that may have exposed collusion between Secret Service officers operating under the auspices of the US State Department and violent right-wing hooligans in an operation to besiege peace activists stationed inside Venezuela’s embassy in Washington, DC.”

As reported in “US Government drops case against Max Blumenthal after jailing journalist on false charges” by Ben Norton, The Grazyzone, December 7, 2019, “Blumenthal, who is the editor of The Grayzone, was arrested at his home on October 25 by a team of DC cops who had threatened to break down his door. He later learned that he was listed in his arrest warrant as “armed and dangerous.” a rare and completely unfounded designation that placed Blumenthal at risk of severe harm by the police.”

Norton continues, “The government’s case rested entirely on a false accusation by a right-wing Venezuelan opposition activist, Naylet Pacheco, that Blumenthal and Benjamin Rubinstein had assaulted her while they were delivering food to Venezuela’s embassy in Washington, DC in the early morning on May 8. (Rubinstein is the brother of journalist and Grayzone contributor Alexander Rubinstein who was reporting from inside the embassy at the time.)”

The Grayzone has reported extensively on the corruption of coup leader Juan Guaido, whom Washington recognizes as “interim president” of Venezuela, as well as the scandals plaguing Guaidó’s “ambassador” to the United States, Carolo Vecchio.